The most economical electricity is the one you do not consume!

That's our motto! We offer lamps and lighting accessories in the areas of LED and induction lighting that meet the higher requirements in tougher commercial environments. And yet are affordable.

Our focus is on small and medium-sized companies, specializing in commercial, retail, store, logistics and handicraft. Our topp sellers are replacement products for end of life HQI-lights, T8 fluorescent tube replacements and LED light panels for offices and retail shop.

Most recently we see an increasing demand for our LED-light panels with germicidal and air purifying effect.

In addition to the efficiency, we also consider the payback calculation of LED technology with our customers. As a technical energy managers with completion of TÜV SÜD Academy, we look through our consulting in other areas of industrial energy efficiency.


Air-purifying LED panel lights

02.10.2014 21:55 | 0 Comments

These innovative LED panels combine efficient energy saving lighting with high standards of hygiene, clean air and low bacterial load.

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induction-light: energy efficient replacement for mercury-vapor lamps

29.07.2014 17:17 | 0 Comments

We have added another FAQ entry, der that shows alternatives for mercury-vapour lamps, which may not be produced or imported within the EU from 2015 onwards.

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