LED workshop ceiling luminaire

We can offer an LED workshop ceiling...
We can offer an LED workshop ceiling luminaire in various designs and lengths. The models vary in terms of light colour or length as well as the required IP protection class. We usually offer LED workshop ceiling lights in lengths of 150cm, 120cm or 60cm. Often, the workshop ceiling luminaires are... more...
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to be wired through in order to install several models quickly and cost-effectively. The light colours are important depending on the work task and must match the workshop requirements. The LED workshop ceiling luminaires are usually requested in the light colours 4000K (840), 5000k daylight white or 6000K cool white. If there is a high proportion of dust and moisture in the working air, requirements for IP protection class such as IP44, IP55, IP65-66 or even IP69K are requested. For very detailed and small-scale visual tasks. Also very important when purchasing an LED workshop ceiling luminaire are the sometimes very long lighting periods during daytime use. High-quality LED chips and the service life of the installed power supply units make the LED workshop ceiling luminaire a long-lasting investment. We have realised many projects with LED workshop ceiling luminaires. Simply ask us for a brief consultation free of charge during planning or if you have any questions before making a purchase.
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