40W induction light replacement kit for existing 80 W mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps)

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This conversion kit allows you to convert HQL hall radiator with energy efficient and long lasting induction-lighting. These are a direct replacement for 80 watt lamps HQL.The HQL lamp and the ballast can be easily removed and replaced by the induction lamp and the electric ballast. The ballast is mounted in the luminary and is thus better protected against external influences. The HQL lamp itself can be reused, but should first be cleaned. The elliptical shape of the induction lamp uses the existing reflectors of the HQL hall radiator in a perfect manner.

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Efficient 40W induction-light replacement kit for existing 80 W mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps)

Induction lamps are a serious , financially attractive alternative to high bay LED indoor lights to illuminate warehouses , showrooms and production facilities in heights from 4 meters and upwards. The 40 watt induction-lighting kit can replace an 80 watt lamp HQL 1:1.

Keep the lamp body and replace with induction-light

The mercury-vapour lamp and the electronic ballast can easily be removed and replaced by the induction lamp and. The ballast is mounted in the lamp . The HQL lamp body can be reused. The round shape of the induction lamp uses the existing reflectors in an optimum manner. The conversion can be carried out easily (15-20 minutes), but should be done by a qualified electrician.

Also watch our demonstration video.

Energy saving, long-lasting and better light for the industry

The 40 watt induction lamp conversion kit for HQL 80 watt bulbs can be offered with 2700K (warm white ) and 5000K ( daylight white ) color temperature . The induction lamp produces a luminous flux of 2800 lumens (70 Lm / watt ) and starts in less than 0.5 seconds.

It produces a high-contrast and evenly distributed light that causes hardly any glare effect. It has a very good color rendering and can therefore be used in shops and malls.

induction-lighting with a lifespan of over 60,000 hours (7 years continuous operation) is especially durable and saves costs by significantly lower maintenance costs at high altitude. It is installed in the area of high halls, street lighting and explosion- proof enclosures to provide a durable and trouble-free operation.

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Included with this set are the induction lamp , external ballast, and operating manual.

information induction-light:

English language article about induction-light on www.licht.de

Wikipedia article about induction light

Product category: induction light kits for mercury-vapour lamps
color temperature: 2700 Kelvin
luminous flux: 2800 lumen
replaces illuminant: 80 watts HQL / HQL lamp
power consumpt.: 40 watt
colour rendering (CRI): RA >80
efficiency in lm/W: 70 lm/watt
power factor (cos phi): 0.95 cos phi
firing time: < 0,5 sec.
operating frequency: 2.65MHz
Application: professional use
average life cycle: > 60.000 hours
time to reach full lumination: directly
UV. or infrared emission: low
dimension electronic ballast: l: 150mm w: 100mm h:50mm
dimensions illuminant: l: 155mm w: 55mm
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz (from 100V up to240V)
Operat. temperature: -30° to 50°C
tests / audits: CE, EMV, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-2-3, EN 61000-3-3, RoHS
warranty: standard legal regulations apply
Product weight: 1,50 Kg

In April 2015 the import and production of mercury discharge lamps (HQL) / mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps will be banned withing the EU.

We are experiencing an increased demand for efficient replacement technology such as induction-light and LED-light. Often mercury discharge lamps can be converted to induction-light by replacing the bulb and ballast inexpensively and quickly to modern and efficient induction-lighting.

Requirements for induction-lighting

The areas of application of induction lighting are versatile. Wherever reliability and maintainability is paired with low energy consumption is a must, induction lighting is an alterative:

- in high industrial buildings with hard to reach ceilings and commercial operations
- at airports (runway lighting )
- sales and showrooms rooms with high ceilings. Due to the very good color rendering and contrast light to induction lamps are ideal for use in exhibition and sales rooms
- on bridges at high altitude
- museums
- In tunnels
- Sports halls and arenas
- industrial complex
- shopping malls
- mining and underground work
- on tall buildings

In summary : In areas where the exchange of lighting is a huge hassle and circumstances and ongoing operation is difficult to interrupt .

More information on the subject of induction-lighting and a comparison with the LED technology on the following page

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