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Air purifying lamps with UV-C light against...

Air purifying lamps with UV-C light

Air purifying lamps with UV-C light against viruses and bacteria. germs or odours. Luminaires with UV-C radiation effectively reduce germs such as viruses, bacteria or fungi (moulds) in the air.These air-purifying luminaires are increasingly being used effectively in waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, kindergartens or in hotel rooms and conference roomsAlready after 30 minutes of use (depending on the size of the room) the number of germs in the air is significantly reduced.Because the air contains by far the greatest potential for germs. By using air-purifying luminaires, the use of chemicals can be dispensed with. Please ask us for more information. We will be pleased to advise you.In signs COVID-19 and Corona, air-purifying UV-C luminaires can be a very good help for no reduction and air purification.

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