Energy-saving LED conversion art gallery in Cologne

Cologne Energy Oliver Rothweiler
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We converted a Cologne art gallery to energy-saving LED technology in time for the first exhibition opening after the Corona Lockdonw. In the meantime, the lighting concept has also proven itself in other exhibitions, for example accompanying the documenta 2022.

The requirement was that the appropriate light should be provided depending on the exhibition theme and the paintings, photographs or objects on display. We decided to use T8 LED tubes in one part, which provide the room with a sufficiently good basic illumination and brightness. The tubes can also be switched off when they are not needed. For example for video installations.

Depending on the respective exhibits, additional power track spotlights are used to set specific accents and focal points. The light color of these LED track spotlights can be adjusted. That is, according to the thematic focus of the exhibition, the spot on the back can be adjusted between warm white 3000 Kelvin and daylight white / cool white 6500 Kelvin.

Since the spotlights have to be reattached and repositioned every time the exhibition is changed, changing the light color is not a particularly demanding task.

As a result, customers not only receive energy-saving modern LED lighting technology but also a high degree of flexibility in terms of the lighting display options for the pictures and exhibits in the room.

In terms of price, everything was kept within a manageable financial framework and remained well within the desired specified financial framework through the use of available standard technologies.