HQL induction-light replacement kits

 Induction lamps- affordable...

Induction lamps- affordable replacement for HQL-HQI lights

An affordable , efficient and powerful alternative to LED indoor lamps in the commercial use and industrial lighting. Induction lamps are an affordable alternative and easy to install. Existing HQL lamp bodies can be re-used.... more...

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HQL lamps ban within EU:

If you wonder how often lighting on high bridges or runway lights must be replaced at airports or in tunnels, there is a simple answer. This happens quite rarely! At high and hard to reach objects that will operate non-stop induction light is used in most cases.

Induction lamps are a real and especially financially attractive alternative when converting HQL, HQI and NAV mercury vapor high- pressure lamps to alternative techniques. In the EU Regulation 245/2009 higher energy efficiency requirements as of 2015 stipulated that no longer comply with HQL and HQI lamps and the large manufacturers to force them to ban these bulbs from their product range.

HQL alternatives: induction light retrofit-kits

As a big fan of LED technology as the future of lighting seen in the area of ??commercial use such as in the commercial, industrial hall lighting from 5 meters height onwards, the induction lamp is a serious and affordable alternative to the LED High Bay beams.

We offer induction light retrofit kits that allow to reuse the lighting body. The induction light and the necessary electronic just need to be replaced. Alternatively we can offer complete induction light sets....

Comparision: induction light versus LED high-bay

On the following page we have created of featurs and benefits of LED high bays versus induction light kits. For additional questions, feel free to get in contact with us personally.

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