New LED panels with high colour rendering value of RA>90

Cologne Energy Oliver Rothweiler
2017-08-30 10:40:00 / / Comments 0

New LED panels with high colour rendering value of RA>90

We offer a new range of LED panels with a very high colour rendering value of CRI>90.

These LED panels are used wherever realistic and true-color reproduction is important. Especially in the retail trade with high-quality products, hairdressing salons or when working with colours and fabrics.

These RA90 LED panels are also ideal as basic lighting in museums and exhibitions, enabling true-color reproduction of images and objects.

Colours are presented crisply and realistically. Contrasts with a high level of detail.  The difference to a standard LED panel is already clearly visible.


RA90 LED Panel

Different sizes available

We offer RA90 LED panels in the sizes 30x30cm | 60x60cm | 62x62cm or 120 x30cm. The common 3000K warm white and 4000K neutral white light colours are available


Not low-cost - but good

The prices for the CRI90 LED panel are slightly higher than for comparable standard panels. You get a well-engineered product with 5 years manufacturer's warranty, very reliable power supplies and dimmable (1-10V) as standard.

The CRI 90 LED panels are standardly anti-glare and equipped with Samsung? branded LED chips. The panels are designed for longevity and have a low current consumption in order to achieve the longest possible lifetime.