LED projects and references

Customers and references LED retrofitting

During our work with LED retrofitting for commercial customers, we have already successfully completed several projects.
On the following page we will give you some examples and show you a few pictures showing which projects we have been able to realize successfully together with our customers in the last few months.

The result is a considerably improved lighting quality with significantly lower power consumption when selecting the right products.

Offices and workplaces

  • Equipping of various offices and reception areas with 62x62cm LED panels and LED UGR

Medical practices and non-medical practitioners

  • LED retrofitting of different doctor's surgeries with LED panel, LED lighting
  • Ceiling lights and LED pendant lights
  • LED Conversion Dental practice equipment with LED panels 120x60cm and 30x30cm panels in waiting area
  • LED retrofitting of podiatry practice. Equipped with LED panels 120x30cm LED ceiling lights
  • LED retrofitting of alternative practitioner practice: equipment with 60x60cm ceiling lights

Retirement homes and nursing homes for the elderly

  • LED retrofitting of senior citizens' homes and nursing homes.
  • Equipped with LED ceiling lights and LED BAP insert lights.

Business and Industry

  • Conversion of production and commercial halls with T8-LED tubes and High Power 30W Led tubes.
  • LED conversion print shop. Equipped with 30W LED tubes and tub lights in the storage area
  • Equipment quality assurance of a paper mill with LED tubes
  • LED retrofitting of parts storage and high-bay warehouses
  • LED conversion in the food industry
  • LED retrofitting of deep-frozen warehouses
  • production halls


  • LED retrofitting of various craft businesses. In particular, garages with high production capacities
  • Ceilings and lifting platforms with bright 30W LED tubes.
  • LED retrofitting of car dealerships, workshops
  • Body shops and paint shops
  • Joineries or workshops of roofing companies and window manufacturers
  • Car glass and Smart Repair companies

Retail trade and shops

  • Planning and implementation of an LED retrofit for various shops and retail stores.
  • Equipped with high-quality track spotlights with RA90

sports venues

  • LED retrofit tennis hall with 30W LED tubes
  • Planning and equipping of a shooting range for marksmen according to the specifications and guidelines. Acceptance by authorized inspectors.
  • gym and fitness club

Veterinary surgeries / Veterinary practices

LED retrofitting of various small animal practices and light planning New construction of a surgery for an operating theatre in a large animal practice
LED BAP luminaires for computer workstations

LED BAP Leuchten für Bildschirmarbeitsplätze

gym and fitness club

LED Umrüstung Büro mit 120x60 LED Panels

LED retrofit office with 120x60 LED panels

Medical practices

LED Umrüstung Produktionsbetrieb

LED retrofitting production plant

LED Wannenleuchten in Werkstätten und Handwerksbetrieben

LED diffuser luminaires in workshops and workshops

LED Umrüstung KFZ Werkstääten und Lackierbetriebe

Wir haben mehrere LED We have carried out several LED conversions in automotive and paint shops. Usually with powerful 30W LED tubes.

Planung LED Beleuchtung für Ladenlokal / Einzelhandel
Planning LED lighting for retail shops / shops

Planung LED Umrüstung für mehrstöckiges KFZ-Teilelager

Planung LED Planning LED retrofit for multi-storey automotive parts warehouse


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