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19.08.2021 21:20
In the kitchen studio of the Cologne kitchen team, the goal was to realise new LED lighting for the remodelled kitchen studio with a fixed budget. All of this was to be illuminated with very good light quality and intensity in order to properly set the scene for the very tasteful kitchens on display.

All LED luminaires track system and the LED track spotlights and the tracks themselves, were selected to match the furnishings in modern black.

The modern show kitchens by the manufacturer nobilia® make a high-quality impression that needed to be staged. The many dark and black wooden fronts as well as the dark wooden floor required corresponding brightness. In order to present the colours of the kitchen fronts and worktops as realistically as possible, we opted for LED LAMP track systems with very good colour rendering of CRI92 in warm white 3000K. This creates a pleasant and cosy living atmosphere, especially with the wooden fronts.

At the same time, warm white is still the most common light colour in most households.
To avoid having to install many individual LED track spotlights and to avoid spot-like reflection on the glossy worktops, the bright 55W track linear lighting was used for the basic lighting. This ensures uniform and bright surface illumination - all this with an excellent quality of light.

The result is impressive and also fitted into the given budget. The kitchens on display are now illuminated and staged with high-quality and true-colour lighting.
Are you planning an LED conversion for your kitchen studio? Or are you planning illumination for a new kitchen studio? Then give us a call on +49-221-29821660 without obligation. We will be happy to advise you.

If you live in Cologne or the surrounding area and are looking for or planning a new kitchen, then contact the Cologne Kitchen Team. There you will receive first-class advice and be offered tasteful, modern kitchens....

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