Tips for selecting LEDs as efficient light source replacement

Cologne Energy Oliver Rothweiler
2014-05-16 14:48:00 / / Comments 0

We have put together a few simple criteria that you can apply, replacing conventional light bulbs with modern LED retrofits as light source. Particularly in the commercial sector, it is very often dependent on the individual business case and commercial sector.

Led Retrofit Bulbs:

How to find the right LED retrofit bulb: E14 LED in this case The first question must be, which lamp are currently available, in which quantities and with which light data. In the next step you should analyze how long the lights are burning and which are appropriate matching LED retrofit bulbs.

Watts and lumens:

Which lumen number is needed to convert existing bulbs to LED Retrofit in order to keep the light quality? What standards need to be considered in the commercial sector in order to obtain the required luminosity. (computer workspaces). The lumen value is the output of the lamp luminous flux.

Beam angle:

Replace old G13 / T8 tubes efficiently. How to? While the classic bulb produces a beam angle of the light flux of 360 degrees, LED retrofit bulbs produce different variants that lie between 180° and 300° degree beam angle. TMake you you choose the right models!


Especially with LED bulbs, thermal management plays an important role. Too much heat shortens a LED bulbs shortens the life time.Therefore, you often see cooling fins on the LED bulbs. This produces larger dimensions. Not every retrofit LED bulbs fits in the available light casing. Check the measures of your lamp casing!


Color temperature and color rendering:

In addition to the color temperature that is classified into warm white (around 3000Kelvin), neutral white (4000-4500K) and daylight white (from 5500-6000K), color reproduction plays an important role as well. While the classic light bulb reaches a color rendering of CRI or RA 100, the values ​​fluctuate with LED retrofits.

The higher the values​​, the more accurate reproduction of colors works on objects.

In the commercial sector a good color rendering index is important while working with paint, fabrics or in the fashion industry and retail shops. is important. LEDs used in workshops, paint shops, sales rooms or retail stores need to have a good color reproduction.

Efficiency factors:

A good indication of the energy efficiency of LED retrofits, the value of luminous flux (lumens) per watt of power consumption supply (Lm/W). The higher the value, the better the energy-efficiency. As a benchmark you can use the comparison with traditional bulbs. This context it should be noted that classical light sources such as T8 fluorescent tubes radiate in a 360 °degree angle. A portion of the luminous flux is lost by emitting light to wrong directions (ceiling). So you can also use the beam angle into the efficiency rating such as Luminous Flux / degree beam angle.

Advisory service:

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