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induction-light: energy efficient replacement for mercury-vapor lamps

29.07.2014 17:17

We have added another FAQ entry, der that shows alternatives for mercury-vapour lamps, which may not be produced or imported within the EU from 2015 onwards. Induction-light is a serious, energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to replace mercury-vapour lamps. In many cases the lamp body can be reused. Just the electronic ballast and the mercury-vapour luminaires need to be replaced and transferred.

Replace a 400watt mercury-vapour lamp with an 165watt induction-light-kit 60% energy savings





Technical possibilities with induction-light:

The results are impressive; 50% and more energy savings combined with fewer maintenance intervals. The long-life cycles of induction-light requires less maintenance operations. Especially in the area of high-bay lights where every exchange of luminaires are an effort, the companies and shops save real money.

Induction light produces a sharp and crisp light, which perceived as pleasant increases work efficiency . Only little glaring effects occur due to the large surface of the luminaire.

Induction-light products

Induction-light is beside the LED-technology an efficient and economic solution to reduce energy costs in the area of high-bay lights, and has a short payback period for the investment.

Mercury-vapour light conversion-kits can be offered for the most common HQL-luminaires on the market.

Alternatively we offer complete sets of induction-lights

induction-light replacement-kits for mercury-vapour lamp bodies

More information about induction-light

Can be found in this special articel in our FAQ-section 


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