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Modern 150cm LED tube to convert all ballasts with EVG / VVG / KVG suitable
10.07.2019 22:42 | Comments 0
New modern 150cm LED tube to convert all ballasts with EVG / VVG / KVG suitableVery innovative 150cm T8 LED tube for conversion of all existing ballasts in operation. The Universal T8 Retrofit more ...
Innovative dimmable lamps for 3-phase track system
17.05.2019 21:43 | Comments 0
Innovative dimmable lamps for 3-phase track systemIn the area of track lights and luminaires for 3-phase tracks, much has changed in recent months. Many customers want dimmable track more ...
New LED recessed luminaire series with high colour rendering CRI90 and Samsung LEDs™
24.09.2018 22:04 | Comments 0
We offer a new series of LED recessed luminaires that cover a wide range of customer requirements. All 4 models have a very good color rendering of CRI>90 are equipped with high-quality Samsung™ more ...

The most economical electricity is the one you do not consume!

That's our motto! We offer lamps and lighting accessories in the areas of LED and induction lighting that meet the higher requirements in tougher commercial environments. And yet are affordable.

Our focus is on small and medium-sized companies, specializing in commercial, retail, store, logistics and handicraft. Our topp sellers are replacement products for end of life HQI-lights, T8 fluorescent tube replacements and LED light panels for offices and retail shop.

Most recently we see an increasing demand for our LED-light panels with germicidal and air purifying effect.

In addition to the efficiency, we also consider the payback calculation of LED technology with our customers. As a technical energy managers with completion of TÜV SÜD Academy, we look through our consulting in other areas of industrial energy efficiency.