New CRI99+ swivelling 170mm LED recessed luminaire with top light quality at 6500K daylight white

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New CRI99+ swivelling 170mm LED recessed luminaire with top light quality at 6500K daylight white  - New CRI99+ swivelling 170mm LED recessed luminaire with top light quality at 6500K daylight white

New CRI99+ swivelling 170mm LED recessed luminaire with top light quality at 6500K daylight white

This new 170mm LED egg luminaire with CRI99+ impresses with its absolutely outstanding light quality. The 6500K full spectrum daylight white creates a very pleasant lighting experience and an almost perfect colour rendering. Despite the high Kelvin values, which usually make artificial light appear cold and unpleasant, this CRI99+ recessed luminaire creates a perfect daylight experience. Very pleasant and without any blue or green cast in the light.

The perception is similar to daylight outdoors without the neon effect. White can be seen. An ideal model with best and very realistic colour rendering. These recessed luminaires are used wherever light needs to be rendered as faithfully as possible and similar to daylight.

This 170mm full spectrum recessed luminaire for ceiling cut-outs 150mm to 160mm shows colours, colour nuances and subtleties absolutely true to detail. You will recognise colour differences that you would normally not be able to distinguish with other luminaires or artificial light sources. The area of application is wherever precise high-contrast and realistic daylight white is required. When working with colours and in sales. Fabric shops, curtain shops, tile shops. Or for control work, quality control.

One example is bridal fashion shops. There, different shades of white must be precisely distinguished. The finest nuances and incorporated structures become visible with this light. The same applies to the processing of printed products or, classically, in the dentist's office, where different shades of white have to be permanently compared with each other in true colour.

Ideale CRI / RA 99+ Einbauleuchte für Museen, Ausstellungen und Galerien

This RA99+ recessed luminaire is also very suitable for museums, galleries and exhibitions. Exhibits and objects are rendered with the right vitality and liveliness. Detail and depth are reproduced accurately and reliably by this CRI99+ downlight. The CRI99+ LED downlight 170mm can be swivelled out to 45° on each axis. This allows the illumination to be quickly adjusted to a changed interior or exhibition. This is very important in retail for changing product presentations or in galleries and museums and enables extremely flexible use and a targeted presentation.

With 42 Watt output up to 4800 lumens and three beam angles and swivelling

This CRI99+ recessed ceiling spotlight has a very bright 4800 lumen luminous flux with 42 watts of power. The standard power supply can be set to lower values. Only quality power supply units from renowned manufacturers are used. The model is always assembled and finished to order in Germany. You can choose from three beam angles: wide (60°), medium 36° and narrow 24°. The model comes with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

The 170mm CRI99+ LED ceiling spotlight is finished in Germany. This means that we need approx. 5-7 days processing time after the order. On request, we also offer various dimming options such as DALI recessed luminaire CRI99+ or as a model with phase cut-off dimming or 1-10Volt dimming. In the standard version, these models are built in the housing colours white - black or silver-grey. From a certain number of units (approx. 20 units upwards), these CRI99+ recessed luminaires can also be offered as recessed luminaires in the colour of your choice (RAL colour) at an extra charge.

All further details and information on the 170mm CRI99+ LED recessed luminaire

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