LED power supplies / LED drivers

 In this category, we offer LED power...

In this category, we offer LED power supplies, LED switching power supplies, LED drivers and constant current power supplies for LED. In different power classes and also partly in different dimming modes. Always in good quality and preferably as flicker-free / no-flicker power supplies. If the... more...

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dimming mode allows it.

Depending on the desired dimming mode we offer power supplies as DALI switch mode power supplies, for phase dimming or TRIAC dimming (trailing edge dimming) or PWM as well as 1-10 Volt or 0-10 VOlt dimmable LED power supplies?

More and more common in the market are LED power supplies, which are adjustable by DIP switch. So you can adjust the brightness of a light to a desired value and very bright LED lights and recessed luminaires directly reduce a little bit in power.

We offer small and large power supplies for small and large recessed luminaires but also large LED panels.

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