GU5.3 / MR 16 LED bulbs: replacement for low...

LED GU 5.3 lamp

GU5.3 / MR 16 LED bulbs: replacement for low voltage halogen reflector lamps

GU 5.3 Halogen lamps are usually operated in conjunction with a 12 volt power supply. Two parallel pin base at a distance of 5.3 mm characterize these.

Large savings can be achieved:

A high level of energy savings with a factor 7-9 can quickly reduce costs. However old 12V power supply units have problems with the LED technology. Instead of 10x 50W halogen lamps, the power supply must only deliver 10x 6 Watt LED. Often this works not because of undersupply.

Replacing old power supplies?

Old power supplies do not always provide a constant voltage-output. This can result in failing GU 5.3 LEDs or a much shorter life-span than specified. So it is advisable to install a suitable LED Power Supply (dimmable or not) Along with the replacement.

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