About us: Cologne Energy

The most favorable electricity is the one you do not consume!

 That's our motto. Our customers are very small to medium sized businesses and public institutions.
Our goal is by simple means to permanently save the energy consumption of our customers and to present technical options.

We also distribute successfully commercial LED technology, induction lamps and induction bulbs, which are part of enhanced exchanges of mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps) a good-value option.
Due to the ban on production of mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps), induction lights are a very energy-efficient alternative for the replacement.

Commercial induction-light an LED lighting pays off quickly

Compared with other purchases, investments in LED lights or induction lighting pay off fairly quickly. Between1-2 years is usually the payback period depending on the project. After that money is earned.

By qualifying as a Technical Energy Manager from TÜV Süd Academy we also know further savings potential in companies that do quickly on your electricity bill.

Replacement of fluorescent T8 tubes in a supermarket. Safes up to 50% energy:Bildquelle Supermarkt_1_by_Gabi-Schoenemann_pixelio.de   We know commercial requirements in terms of quality, reliability and long term stability. And we have adapted our assortment accordingly. To avoid, that after a short period of time the lights go off. Which is often the case with cheap products.

Cologne-Energy: Energy Efficiency and LED lighting technology from Cologne.

Induction light and induction lamps: efficient replacement for mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps) Bild: Andy Stafiniak We are located in the north of Cologne and look forward to your e-mail request or a personal contact on +49-221-9924573.

An accurate service portfolio we have compiled on the following page.

Tipps for selecting professional LED products can be found here….

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