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 LED track spotlights: We offer a...

LED track spotlights: We offer a range of energy efficient LED spotlights for 3 phase tracks from 10W with 600 lumens to over 4000 lumens luminous flux in our range. Particularly as LED shop lights in retail stores and for accent lighting of products and goods, 3-phase track LED spotlights are... more...

Basic lighting for 3 phase track rail systems

In this category we offer special luminaires for 3 phase tracks,...

Accessories CRI90 LED track lights

Accessries for our CRI90 LED track lighs such as Interchangeable...

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frequently used.

Our customers are mainly small to large retail shops, pharmacies, bookstores, galleries and large museums. Many LED rail spotlights are also used on exhibition stands.

Ground lighting for track systems:

For a uniform basic lighting we also offer a series of lamps track system to create a Ground lighting brightness in rooms. These are for example LED panels for 3-phase track system so-called TRACK panels (LED panel busbar). Or alternatively also very narrow and flat LED track system lamps. These generate up to 55W of very bright 5500 lumen luminous flux and are also suitable for rooms with high ceilings and conductor rails. The slim design with reflector optics makes a very good optical impression.

Track-lights for common 3-phase track rails

Our 3-phase track lights are compatible with common 3-phase rail tracks / track series

Our lamp rail system is compatible with all common 3-phase busbars. These would be for example the well-known ERCO® track rails, the busbars of SLV® - EUTRAC® , GLOBAL Stromschienen von Nordic Aluminium, IVELA®, NUCO®, STAFF® oder Norlux®. So far there have been no problems.

Lamps Track system with top CRI92 colour rendering

In the meantime, customers mostly choose models with very good colour rendering and colour fidelity for LED rail spotlights. The light quality and product illumination of our CRI92 models has convinced customers in many tests. The rail-mounted spotlights make goods, products and objects appear more lively and vibrant. Red and blue colours are very well worked out and attractively presented. Differences to normal CRI80 busbar spotlights are clearly visible.

Dimmable 3phase LED track lights

Dimming in 3-phase busbars is quite difficult. Dimmable LED track spotlights are quite expensive and dimming several spotlights is also technically somewhat demanding. We offer dimmable track system lamps, which can be dimmed via radio. These models can also be arranged in up to 6 different dimming groups, which communicate via radio.

With a remote control the brightness as well as the colour temperature can be adjusted. Depending on the model, the spotlights can be changed from 2700K Super Warm White to 5000 daylight. We offer the models of dimmable LED track mounted spotlights as tunable white version with 11W as lamp track system (2700K-4000K) or as powerful 30W version (3000K to 5000K track mounted spotlight).

Especially the somewhat cooler models between 4000K and 5000K with high CRI are very well suited for bridal fashion, because there sometimes very fine color differences have to be displayed.

Low heat generation and extremely efficient

The heat development is also significantly lower with LED 3-phase rail spotlights and is therefore an ideal replacement for the very hot CMT spotlights, for example. The very low proportion of UV light also protects goods from fading. The efficiency is very high. With 30-40W LED spotlights, we can now easily replace existing 100 Watt classic rail spotlights. This becomes noticeable very quickly in continuous operation.

LED spotlights for 3-phase busbars are very flexible in installation and use. They can be rotated in a targeted manner, aligned on exhibition areas and quickly reassembled. We offer LED track-mounted spotlights with interchangeable optics to optimally adjust the beam angle between 24° and 60° according to requirements.

Up to 50% and more in electricity costs can be saved in exchange for conventional track-mounted spotlights. You can find our 3 phase track spotlight LED here...

LED track spotlights are very often used in retail and shops. For spot illumination of products and promotional merchandise or complete rows of shelves. As shop lighting, the track spotlights are an important element for illumination. With the right brightness and quality, they can easily last for years with long periods of use. The power savings compared to classic track spotlights are enormous and the power consumption in the shop is significantly reduced by using LED track spotlights.

Technical advice on the phone:

We will be happy to advise you by telephone. We have already implemented many projects and have always received very good feedback. Whether retail, shop, gallery, restaurant or museum. We have the ideal lamp for your track system. Call us at: +49-221-29821660.





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