Round LED ceiling light with interchangeable reflector

 New series of large round LED...

New series of large round LED ceiling light available in 4 different sizes and with different options as dimmable LED ceiling light. The reflector is changeable and available in different colours. So these surface mounted LED ceiling lights have a high flexibility. Whether in matt silver, black... more...

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or gold. These interchangeable reflectors can be changed quickly.

Customers also have the full range to choose from when it comes to dimming the LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaires. Modern digital dimming options such as DALI in combination with KNX or 0-10V dimming. We also have suitable dimming options for phase cut-off dimming. Even the simple on-off power supply of these surface-mounted luminaires can be set to lower wattages using small DIP switches if required.

The LED dimmable ceiling luminaire is available with a diameter of 165mm and 15W output. This has a luminous flux of approx. 1500 lumen.

Alternatively, these LED surface-mounted luminaires are available in 8"-10" and 12" sizes with 40W power and produce a lot of brightness. Up to 4000 lumens are generated with them. Especially in existing buildings with high ceilings, the 40W ceiling luminaire models are ideal for quickly reducing power consumption and producing sufficient light.

This series of ceiling surface mounted luminaires in silver with noble high gloss reflectors is available in the following sizes.

6 inch - 154mm LED ceiling light DALI dimmable silver reflector with 15 watt output

8 inch - 203mm LED surface mounted luminaire silver ( 203mm outer dimension and 173mm height ) with 40 Watt output

10 inch -255mm ceiling luminaire with silver reflector (255mm outer dimension and 176mm height) with 40 watt output

12 inch - 281mm ceiling luminaire silver DALI dimmable (281mm outer dimension and 176mm height) with 40 Watt output

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