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 LED office lampsLED office lamps...

LED office lamps

LED office lamps have higher requirements for brightness and light quality compared to standard lamps. The occupational health requirements for LED office lamps are higher, because a lot of time is spent in the office and often at computer screens.

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several factors to consider when planning to find the optimal LED office lighting. The planning of the workplace with LED office lamps should take into account a number of factors in order to enable the most ergonomic and fatigue-free work possible in terms of light at the workplace. Meanwhile, we also offer large area LED office lamps 60x120 screen workstation UGR19 4000K. A large area and efficient LED office lamp 60x120. Ideal for use as an office ceiling lamp. This type of office ceiling lamps we can also supply in other formats.

For example, as an office ceiling lamp 120x30 or 60x60cm. We offer various LED office lamps and office lights, which have high requirements for brightness, glare reduction, flicker-free and high color fidelity. We at Cologne LED will be happy to advise you by phone at +49-221-29821660 and assist you in planning. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version).

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