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LED Panel light 120x30 CRI90 3600 Lumen

Item number: CRI90_120x30PAN_4K

LED-Panel 120x30cm RA90 with very good colour rendering from CRI>90, very suitable for all areas where good colour rendering is required, for example when working with colours, fabrics, product design in advertising agencies as well as in the retail trade when selling high quality products and food or hairdressing salons.Available in 3000K warmwhite or 4000K neutralwhite. 5 years warranty, flicker-free LED drivers and 1-10V dimmable.

Category: LED panels for professional use

Colour temperature

124,00 €

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From piecePrice per unit
4115,00 €
10109,00 €
3094,00 €
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LED panel CRI90 120x30cm dimmable UGR 19 5 year guarantee Top colour rendering

LED-Panel 120x30cm RA90 with very good colour rendering from CRI>90, very suitable for all areas where good colour rendering is required, for example when working with colours, fabrics, product design in advertising agencies as well as in the retail trade when selling high quality products and food or hairdressing salons. The high CRI value of >90 makes the objects appear realistic and unadulterated and enables a clearly improved colour display compared to standard LED panels.

This panel is the first choice for all customers who attach great importance to a realistic representation of the illuminated goods and objects. The manufacturer grants 5 years warranty on this LED panel. This means that both the LED panel and the power supply are of high quality and designed for a long life and permanent use.

The CRI 90 LED panel can be dimmed via a 1-10 volt dimming line as standard. On request, we can also offer suitable LED power supplies for phase dimming (via power line without separate dimming line) or a DALI-capable power supply.

LED panel CRI90 120x30cm monitor workstation suitable (BAP) UGR>19

Due to its low glare value of UGR<19, this LED panel is particularly suitable for use in offices and at computer workstations. The high and strict requirements for uniform, wide-area illumination with low glare are met. We can provide you with light data for the light calculation.

The microprismatic surface significantly reduces glare and thus meets the stricter requirements at the workstation.

The included power supplies are flicker-free.

Different light colours available:

The LED Panel LED Panel 120 x 30 is available in warm white with 3000K (930) or alternatively in a clear neutral white (940). The warm white is often used to create a cosy atmosphere and ambient lighting.

The neutral white 4000K is most commonly used in offices and shops. The colour tone has a stimulating and activating effect. The neutral white is a bright, clear white without appearing unpleasantly cold. 949 neutral white on this panel is very attractive even in continuous operation.

Advantages and technical data LED Panel CRI90 120x30cm

Power supply: 230Volt
Colour temperature 3000K warm white or 4000K neutral white (depending on model)
40Watt power consumption / power consumption 1000 hours 40KWh
Housing material: Aluminium and PMMA
Frame colour: white
Dimensions: Length[mm] 1196.5 Width[mm] 296.5 Height[mm] 9.3
IP protection class: IP20
Fields of application: Commercial, professional use
Luminous flux 3600 lumen (4000K) / 3400 lumen (3000K)
Colour rendering: CRI>90

Scope of delivery LED panel CRI90 120x30cm

40Watt LED panel 120x30cm with CRI>90 colour rendering

Dimmable power supply. Dimmable via 1-10V (dimming line required)

Optional accessories:

LED panels are usually mounted directly on the ceiling. A mounting frame for LED panels is often used for this purpose. Alternatively, solutions for suspended suspension from the ceiling are also available. As a third option, the panel is placed on existing cut-outs. For example, in grid ceilings or coffered ceilings.

Rope suspension with 4 ropes
Ceiling mounting frame 120 x 30 To convert your LED panel into a fully-fledged LED surface-mounted luminaire
Alternative power supply unit, which enables dimming via phase cutting/dimming. No additional dimming line is then required there.
DALI power supply unit. Optionally, we also offer this panel with a DALI power supply.

Do you have any questions about our LED panels or about the delivery time of special variants? As a technical energy manager with certificate from TÜV Süd, Academy, efficiency is our business. We will be happy to advise you! Preferably personally! You can reach us under the telephone number: 0221-9924573 during our business hours or by mobile phone. You can also contact us via e-mail form or fax inquiry. We will also gladly call you back.

suited for computer workspaces: Yes
Product category: ultra slim LED-panels
size class: 120cm x 30cm
color temperature: 4000k (Kelvin) 3000k (Kelvin)
luminous flux: 4000 LM 3800 lumen
colour: White
beam angle: 112° degree
dimmable: Yes (1-10 Volt) DALI optional
power consumpt.: 40 watt
colour rendering (CRI): CRI 92
efficiency in lm/W: 95 lm/watt 100 lumen/watt
power factor (cos phi): 0.95 cos phi
Unified Glare Rating (UGR): <19
Application: office / retail / service companies professional use
average life cycle: 50.000 hours
energy efficiency class: A
consumption per 1000 hrs: 40 kWh
weight: 3.3 kg
housing colour: White
IP-Class: IP 20
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz
warranty: standard legal regulations apply
dimensions: l: 295mm w: 1195mm h: 11mm
Additional information:: microprismatic surface 5 Jahre Herstellergarantie
No flicker / flicker free: Yes
Product weight: 4,50 Kg

LED panel 120x30

LED panel 120x30cm offer a number of advantages and design freedom in use. They provide bright, large-area light without particular glare. The length of 120x30cm is ideal for optimal illumination of desks or workplaces or assembly tables. The 120x30cm LED panels have very good energy efficiency figures. Luminaires with 70W or 90W can be replaced with a 29W or 36W model.

Uniform light distribution with LED panel 120x30cm

The 120x30 LED panels produce a beautiful, even light with low glare effects due to a surface radiation. This makes the LED panels very suitable for use at computer workstations. For this purpose we offer special models with a low glare value of UGR<19.

Large-area illumination

With a few 120x30 LED panels, larger rooms can be evenly and sufficiently brightly illuminated. The LED panels 120x30 do not emit any unwanted UV light. It does not lead to the fading of products or goods.

Areas of application 120x30 LED panel

Commercial and office:

LED panels can be used in a wide variety of applications. LED panels 120x30cm are often used in offices, office corridors and corridors, canteens or in the entrance area of companies. They are also popular as basic lighting in retail stores. In the commercial sector, they are ideal for assembly tables or production work. For rough environments we also offer 120x30cm LED panels with IP65 protection.

There are special hygienic LED panels for the health sector and in care, for example in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, group rooms in kindergartens or in retirement and nursing homes, which can eliminate bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours. You will find them on the following page.

Mounting options LED panels 120x30:

mounting options for led panels 1200x600






Wall-mounted LED panels:

LED panels can be easily mounted on the wall. Horizontal or vertical depending on size. This allows great lighting effects for products or waiting areas to be achieved.

Ceiling suspension LED panels:

Due to their low weight, LED panels can be suspended from ceilings and suspended from wire ropes. Alternatively, the panel can be attached to the ceiling with a mounting frame as a surface-mounted luminaire. For large LED panels with the size 120x30cm we recommend hanging on 6 ropes (3 Y ropes), as these long field LED panels tend to sag after a certain time.

Mounting LED Panele 120x30 (LED ceiling light 120x30cm)

In over 90% of all cases, the 120x30cm LED panels are mounted on the concrete ceiling using mounting frames. The power supply disappears into the ceiling frame and results in a closed unit, with a rather low construction height of 5cm to 6cm. The unit is dust-tight and no catchers of insects and vermin.

led panel 1200x600 with a mounting frame

Built-in LED panel 120x30cm in plasterboard ceilings (plasterboard ceilings)

An optical possibility is the installation of LED panels in plasterboard ceilings. Optically the LED panels 120x30 lie very flat on the ceiling with only a very small projection of 9mm-12mm. Normally the cutout is 1cm smaller than the size of the LED panel. Here you should pay attention to 2-3 things.

- The cut-out is usually as large as the LED panels. The hole will therefore be permanently present in the ceiling.
- The ceiling must be sufficiently stable to support the weight of the LED panels.
- The power supply is usually placed on the back of the LED panel. Due to the heat generated by the power supply, there should always be some distance between the power supply and any insulation materials or vapour barriers. Talk to your electrician about this.
- Often you have used gypsum board ceilings with girders, rafters or wooden strips. Check in advance whether you can cut open the ceiling at the desired position and insert the panel accordingly.

installation led panel 1200x600 in plasterboard ceilings

For the installation of LED panels 120x30cm in plasterboard ceilings we offer spring clips for direct mounting on the back or special LED panel mounting frames installation frames for plasterboard ceilings.

Dimming of LED panels 120x30

On request, almost all 120x30 LED panels can also be supplied with dimmable power supplies. The large surface creates a lot of light without glare. However, dimming may be useful in order to reduce the output somewhat in bright daylight. Dimmable power supplies can be supplied with 1-10Volt dimming or DALI (via separate dimming line) or alternatively dimming via phase control/section dimming. The third option is dimming via radio or a radio/wall switch.

Dimming with 1-10V or DALI

1. 1-10V dimming or a DALI bus system requires a thin control cable and a suitable 1-10V wall dimmer. Alternatively, dimming can also be carried out by radio via a radio wall dimmer or a remote control. Dimming is very clean and even. Dimming also goes down to relatively low dimming ranges. In existing buildings, however, there is usually no 5-core cable for a dimming cable! If it is not possible to lay a DImm line without great effort, dimming via phase control dimming or trailing-edge dimming may be appropriate.

Dimming via phase control dimming / trailing-edge dimming.

2. dimming via phase control dimming / trailing-edge dimming. The dimmart comes very close to the classic dimming of incandescent lamps via the power line. We offer suitable power supplies for this purpose, which show very good dimming characteristics, no dimming jumps and low noise levels. Especially the power supplies from Meanwell® are very reliable in continuous use and technically mature. However, the number of LED panels 120x30cm to be dimmed simultaneously is limited. Usually only max. 4 to max. 5 pieces can be dimmed on a LED wall dimmer.

dimming led panels 1200x600 with triac dimmerns and phase angle dimming

Dimming by remote control

3. dimming by remote control or with a suitable wireless wall switch. This is also possible and usually works very well. Depending on the system, however, there are limits to the range or the number of LED panels to be dimmed simultaneously. We offer various options for dimming by radio and would be happy to advise you at 0049-221-29821660

Dimming of LED panels in home automation

The integration of LED panels in home automation systems such as KNX is usually just as possible. We have already realized this many times. There are a few things to consider here, since the LED panels are usually operated with constant current and not with constant voltage such as LED strips (12V or 24Volt). Many manufacturers of home automation systems offer their own dimming actuators for 1-10V dimming, phase dimming or DALI.

Ergonomic selection criteria for 120x30cm LED panels

In addition to the classic selection criteria such as light colour, luminous flux and output, ergonomic aspects are becoming increasingly important for many customers. For many customers, high and accurate colour rendering is an important selection criterion,

Colour rendering RAI92

We offer 120x30 LED panels RA90 with very high color rendering of CRI92 or RA92.

A frequent field of application is in hair studios and in the retail trade of high-quality products. Especially the warm white models have a much more pleasant colour tone with CRI92 panels than the standard CRI90 models.

Flicker-free / No flicker power supplies

From an occupational medicine point of view, the use of flicker-free / no flicker power supplies is often required. Power supplies of cheap LED panels tend to flicker more frequently at 50 Hz. Some employees are prone to sensitive reactions such as restlessness and sleep disturbances, which are usually difficult to associate with artificial light. Here it is always worth investing a little more money in order to keep the productivity of the employees high and not unconsciously generate a higher level of sick leave. .

Advantages of LED panels at a glance

- LED panels are extremely energy-saving and have a very good luminous efficacy in lumens per watt.
- Durable: LED panels have a very long service life if quality manufacturers are selected who have know-how in heat management and high demands on the power supplies used.
- Large-area and uniform radiation and light distribution with lower glare effect
- Depending on the manufacturer, LED panels can be used as recessed or surface-mounted luminaires.
- No radiation of IR or unfavourable UV light
Favourable prices
- LED panels can be dimmed and used in conjunction with a lighting control system as an adjustable element for daylight utilisation.
- Available in all common light colours
- The low heat development between approx. 30 and 35 degrees allows a wide range of applications. They do not have to be cooled.
- Many application possibilities, simple installation, pleasant power saving.

Advice on LED panels:

Do you have questions about our LED grid panel LED luminaires or the delivery time of special variants? Or at the delivery time of special variants? We will be happy to advise you! Preferably personally! You can reach us under the telephone number: 0049-221-2982166 during our business hours or mobile. You can also contact us via e-mail form or fax inquiry. We are also happy to call you back.

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PDF Datenblatt Übersicht LED-Panel CRI90

PDF Datenblatt mit Übersicht der LED-Panel CRI90 herunterladen

PDF Datenblatt Übersicht LED-Panel CRI90