Industrial spotlights & high bay lights

 Industrial spotlights & high bay...

Industrial spotlights & high bay lights

Industrial emitters & bay light HQL industry emitters and indoor radiators will increasingly be replaced in the coming years. By 2015 the production of HQL lights will be banned in Europe. Many thousands high-pressure mercury lamps ... more...

LED high bay fixtures

As of April 2015 in the EU production and import ban on...

HQL induction-light replacement kits

Induction lamps- affordable replacement for HQL-HQI lights...

Complete induction-light sets

As of 2015 inefficient HQL lamps may no longer be manufactured...

Lighting control and accessories for LED hall spotlights

Lichtsteuerung LED Hallenstrahler Wir bieten für LED...

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(HQL) have to be removed and replaced. On the market you will get different technologies and alternatives allowing for a winning promising conversion or replacement of bay light.
This depends on several factors:

energy efficiency

The main argument for a new generation of hall lamps is energy efficiency and the requirement for a lower energy consumption. Reduced electricity costs in hall spotlights: Energy costs can be decreased by the exchange or conversion on induction lighting or LED bay light sby about 40-60%. It always depends on the local conditions. Using modern technologies can achieve the same or better light quality at a 50% lower power consumption. Often combined with contrast-enhanced light output.

Maintenance costs / life time:

In industrial buildings with a height 8-16 meters, the maintenance factor is an economic aspect, which is often not considered. Classic high-pressure mercury lamps (HQL) with a lifespan between 5000-7000 hours quickly lose their luminosity and must be replaced frequently. Lighting design installations have often been oversized the past so, this resulted in  higher electricity costs.

When selecting new technologies lights with long life, high efficiency and a high lumen maintenance factor are recommended. This guarantees a constant quality of the emitted luminous flux of the lamp over a longer period.

Longer maintenance cycles for plants at high altitudes be financially directly noticeable.

Glare and blinding:

The subject of LEDs is currently on everyone's lips. However, using LED in indoor spotlights glare is an important issue. The high level light output of an LED emitter from a moderately small area- LED modules produce a short blinding effect to the human eye. This can lead to glare and short failures of the visual performance. The problem is especially when working with a forklift in high racks, rides to the load or crane with a brief look at the ceiling. This can result in dangerous situations.

Possible alternatives are induction lamps which radiate over a larger area, thereby producing substantially less glare.

Remodeling hall lights:

As a replacement for high-pressure mercury lamps (HQL) alternative conversion kits that allow to obtain the lamp and replace only the bulb and the electronic ballast are available as cost-effective solution. A conversion can be achieved quickly for an experienced technician. Our induction conversion kits which can be incorporated into existing HQL lamps offer an affordable solution.

Induction lighting is extremely reliable and easy to maintain, has a high light output and produces a pleasant light to the human eye.
Not without reason is set on high bridges and runways of airports on induction lighting.

Our Conversion kits for existing HQL lamps on induction lighting can be found here ....

More information about Induction lighting can be found here...

Application possibilities of Industrial radiators and hall spotlights

Industrial radiator and bay light are used in the manufacturing industry, warehouses and high-bay warehouses, sports halls, assembly rooms.

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