LED GU 10 lamp
GU10 halogen bulbs are...

LED GU 10 lamp

LED GU 10 lamp

GU10 halogen bulbs are operated directly on 230 volts. Two paralelle base at a distance of 10mm indicate this.

High savings reached:

The saving of a GU10 LED compared with a 50W halogen lamp is approximately 5-6 times of the current power consumption. Combined with a much better light and the absence of UV radiation to protect goods. Another advantage of GU10 LED bulbs: There is no additional power supply required and the replacement is quick and easy if you pay attention to a few special features.

Choosing the right LED bulb:

Powerful GU10 LEDs usually have a large heatsink and a larger design. LED GU10 retrofits do not always fit. It is always worth a detailed consultation, we can offer by ohone or email.

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