LED Floor Lamps

LED Floor Lamps
LED floor lamps are...
LED Floor Lamps LED floor lamps are increasingly finding their way into offices and workplaces. The bright working light of our office luminaires complies with the legal requirements for computer workstations and the indirect light component of the upward emitting light creates a pleasant... more...
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room-filling illumination. Each LED floor lamp is individually adjustable and dimmable via a touch dimmer. The LED floor lamp is available in white, grey / anthracite and now also in black. The standard light colour of the large LED floor lamp is 4000K neutral white. In the meantime, however, we can also offer special light colours such as 5000K daylight white or 3000K warm white on request. The office floor lamp is also available as a colour-changing version where the light colour can be selected between 3000K / 400K or 5000K. The daylight lamp floor lamp 5000K dimmable has a built-in touch dimmer and daylight sensor. This means that when the outdoor light changes, the lamp automatically adjusts to the last set dimming value by reducing or increasing the light component. The light colour of 5000K daylight is required for special work tasks that require high-contrast vision. There are a number of customers who find the 4000K neutral white shade in office luminaires too yellowish and who prefer a clear white for working light. LED daylight office lamps are becoming increasingly popular. The LED floor lamps have a quiet light due to no-flicker power supplies and are rated at 50,000 hours of life. The models are provided with a robust and durable powder coating. Let us advise you. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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