LED Panel CRI90

LED panels CRI 90 have a particularly...
LED panels CRI 90 have a particularly good colour rendering compared to standard LED panels. The better colour rendering is clearly visible. RA90 LED panels are suitable for all areas where good colour rendering is required, for example when working with colours, fabrics, in product design in... more...
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advertising agencies.

LED panels with CRI90 are also frequently used in the retail trade, for example in the sale of high-quality products and foodstuffs or hairdressing salons. The high CRI value of >90 makes the objects appear realistic and unadulterated and enables a clearly improved colour display compared to standard LED panels.

RA90 LED Panels Features

All RA90 LED panels come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, are standard dimmable (1-10V) and have absolutely flicker-free power supplies.

Sizes CRI90 LED Panels

The LED panels with CRI90 are available in the sizes 30x30cm, 60x60cm, 62x62cm for installation in grid ceilings and as LED panel RA90 with 120x30cm.
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