LED floodlights  LED floodlights are mostly...

LED Floodlights

LED floodlights

LED floodlights are mostly used as outdoor LED spotlights. This requires a high IP rating of IP65 or higher to protect against moisture, rain and dust. The exterior appearance of many LED floodlights is very similar, as there are only a few housing manufacturers.

Our range of LED floodlights

We offer LED spotlights and LED floodlights in different light colours and performance classes as well as LED spotlights with motion detectors. LED spotlights are often referred to as LED floodlights.

High energy saving by LED spotlights

Compared to conventional outdoor floodlights, the use of LED floodlights can save up to 60% more electricity than conventional outdoor floodlights. The long flashing times make the purchase very quickly pays for itself.

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