Industrial LED lights and luminaires

In the production process or in small scale enterprises, there are different requirements for different types of lighting. An important characteristic is the sector that is... more...

T8 LED quick installation system

These are most often used in commercial, industrial environments...

 LED workshop ceiling luminaire

We can offer an LED workshop ceiling luminaire in various designs...

commercial workspace lighting

Replacing workspace luminaires can save up to 50% energy costs...

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worked in. The type and quality of lighting has a proven high impact on employee productivity and the quality of work. The prevention of poor product quality and weak employee performance due to low fatigue, but also the avoidance of accidents at work, are key requirements for an efficient lighting system.

Depending on the industry and the work task appropriately high requirements are placed on the lighting system It is the object to realize a high energy efficiency lighting system with an optimum lighting quality.

LED industrial lights help to meet these requirements perfectly. The challenge for the industrial lighting system is to is minimize impact of external influences such as dust, shavings, temperature fluctuations, permanently high humidity or chemical vapors.

LED damp-proof luminaires, can ensure good protection and consistent light quality

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