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1500mm LED tubes

 150cm LED tubes are the most common...
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150cm LED tubes are the most common LED tubes. We carry super bright, absolutely reliable 30W LED tubes with up to 3800 lumen, also LED tubes with VDE test or standard 150cm LED tubes. We will be happy to help you find the right model for your requirements.

150cm LED tubes out of fashion?

It's a question of philosophy. While some manufacturers are moving away from exchangeable 150cm LED tubes to permanently installed LED strips, in our opinion the 150cm LED tubes have their raison d'être. In the event of a defect or failure, an LED tube can be replaced much faster than removing the complete luminaire, packing it and sending it to the manufacturer. Especially with low-cost complete luminaires, a power supply unit often fails and ends up in replacement stress.

150cm LED Tubes High Reliability

We have been selling some of our industrial LED tubes for years and these are characterized by an extremely low failure rate of far below 1?

150cm LED tubes for 230V direct operation

Our 150cm LED "fluorescent tubes" do not require a ballast or starter, consume considerably less power and have a significantly longer service life and a great saving in power compared to the classic fluorescent tube.

We offer specially for LED tubes suitable LED sockets and holders, which are operated without ballast or also LED moisture proof lamps, which are manufactured exclusively for the admission of LED tubes.

150cm LED tubes for low maintenance costs

LED tubes are particularly suitable for large companies, office buildings and production halls. Maintenance costs for the replacement of tubes, starters and ballasts are a significant cost factor. LED tubes are largely maintenance-free and save costs in facility management.

150cm LED Tubes other advantages:

  • No switch-on delay - Immediately full luminous flux available and extremely switching stable
  • There is no flickering or flickering. This is important when using machines and rotating parts.
  • Very long service life of realistic 30,000 to 50,000 hours
  • No UV or infrared radiation. Protects goods and products from fading
  • Quickly changed and exchanged, should a model ever fail.

We also offer special models for use in stables with ammonia-resistant protection and high IP67 protection class. The are fully certified.