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 LED recessed lights with IP...

LED recessed lights with IP protection class are suitable in many areas with increased need for protection against dirt. The higher degree of protection against the penetration of dust and moisture makes these lights suitable for more demanding use in harsh environments. Ideally, these are used... more...

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in covered outdoor areas as LED recessed spotlights IP44 to better protect against the penetration of moisture.

Indoors, these are available as LED recessed bathroom spotlights, which provide better protection from the high humidity and guarantee a much improved longevity. In other damp rooms with high humidity, the LED recessed spotlights IP44 are also suitable for reliable continuous use. For example in changing rooms of fitness studios. All of our IP44 LED recessed spotlights have very good energy efficiency as well as excellent light quality. These are also qualitatively very suitable for continuous use for many hours a day in commercial use.

In the private sector, the IP44 lights are used as recessed lights bathroom. However, an even higher protection class of IP65 may be required for direct use above showers or bathtubs. Please let us advise you in advance or ask your electrician.


The models with small housing diameter belong to the category Led Spots Bathroom, as these have more of a point-like beam angle. The larger LED recessed lights bathroom are also available as dimmable LED bathroom for example for classic dimming via phase dimming or as a luminaire bathroom DALI for connection to a home automation system via the combination KNX and the DALI bus.

The recessed luminaires IP44 with slightly larger housing diameter up to 300mm outer diameter and various dimming options, we carry in the sections LED recessed spotlight IP44 and LED recessed spotlight BAD.

Call us. We will be happy to advise you on our LED recessed spotlights bathroom.

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