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 We currently offer large LED ceiling...

We currently offer large LED ceiling luminaires in diameters of 40 - 60 and 80 cm. These large surface-mounted LED luminaires are available in various housing colours such as the common white, but now the colour black is also increasingly being used again in shops or living areas.

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had a new series of large ceiling luminaires in our range for about a few months now. The models can be offered in different dimming modes. For example, as a DALI ceiling light round 80cm, this is dimmed via the DALI bus. This series of indirect ceiling lamps can be mounted either directly on concrete ceilings or, in the case of higher ceilings, the indirect ceiling lamp can be suspended slightly from the ceiling using a wire suspension or a pendant rod. In this case, the reflective light component of the indirect ceiling light in particular is distributed very beautifully as room-filling light in the room.

This large ceiling light in the sizes 40 / 60 / 80cm can be dimmed via DALI - 0-10V or Push Dimm. In each case via dimming cable. They can also be used in the office, as the light surface is glare-reduced towards the bottom.

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