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Every beginning is difficult!

We notice this repeatedly with our customers.  Where can you save energy? Where do I start? Which measures make sense? What does it cost and is it worth it for us?

Exchange conventional tubes to T8 G13 LED-tubes

We help companies to save electricity. We always consider the company and the industry first and then improve energy efficiency.

  • consideration of the expenses and electricity consumption of the last 2-3 years

  • search for alternative providersLower electricity costs in companies: Exchange of mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps) against induction-lighting or LED-High Bays

  • uncovering the savings through behavior change

  • view of the lighting-system and introduction of alternatives that suit the company.

  • search for matching products taking into account individual circumstances (retail, trade or business, office, logistics, workshop)

  • advice and selection of possible support measures or appropriate financing measures

  • lighting design for major projects

  • payback calculation of acquisition and investment appraisal

  • uncover any further savings, depending on the company type

  • technical service and contact after purchase

Our energy saving products we offer to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technical energy manager with TÜV Süd Academy certificateAs Technical Manager with energy certificate of the TÜV Süd Academy, we know our way around several business sectors.

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