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DALI lamps,We offer DALI lamps for...
DALI lamps,We offer DALI lamps for various purposes. DALI lamps can be managed centrally via a DALI bus system and controlled individually as well as in groups. In this way, DALI lamps can be used for different lighting scenarios and daylight-dependent dimming levels. This also saves energy... more...
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costs. We offer DALI lamps as LED panels DALI, LED recessed luminaires DALI or as LED track spotlights DALI. DALI Dimm describes a dimming type or a DALI dimming protocol with which luminaires are dimmed and managed via a network or data bus. Very often, luminaires are created in groups and scenarios and managed centrally. DALI dimming is also a common type of dimming in connection with KNX installation in home and building automation. Nowadays, the term DALI Dimm is most often used in connection with LED lighting. We offer LED recessed luminaires DALI, LED ceiling luminaires DALI dimm, LED panel Dali and LED high bay luminaires DALI. We can offer almost any type of luminaire for DALI dimming. Please just ask us. Let us advise you on the possible applications of our DALI lamps. We will find the right luminaire for you. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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