Lighting control and accessories for LED hall spotlights

 Lichtsteuerung LED Hallenstrahler...

Lichtsteuerung LED Hallenstrahler

Wir bieten für LED Hallenbeleuchtung eine Reihe an sinnvollem Zubehör an. Das fängt an bei einer automatischen Lichtsteuerung für LED Hallenstrahler, ......

We offer a range of useful accessories for our range of LED hall lighting. This starts with... more...

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a simple automatic light control for LED hall spotlights, which automatically adjust the brightness of the LED hall lighting to the set value via daylight measurement and dimming control. This also saves energy with the high-bay luminaires.

Nowadays, dimming of LED industrial luminaires is also done a lot by app control. For example, with the CASAMBI Bluetooth APP, groups of luminaires are set up in the workshop lighting and set to the desired value on the LED high-bay spotlight via smartphones in combination with the matching CASAMBI dimming module. This works very well and saves the time-consuming laying of separate dimming cables at great heights. The CASAMBI modules work very reliably and are easy to configure.

If LED high-bay spotlights or industrial luminaires are used in roofed outdoor areas, it is also advisable to install additional surge protection modules. These intercept voltage peaks of up to 22KV and protect the electronic components of workshop lighting and hall lighting from destruction.

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