E27 Light bulb E27 LED Retrofit bulbs:  

LED E27 lamp

E27 Light bulb E27 LED Retrofit bulbs:

The classic light bulb / bulb disappears more and more of our everyday life. In the commercial sector E27 LEDs are used in retail stores, offices but used in the manufacturing industry e.g. in grid lamps. The advantages of the E27 LEDs is the easy exchange, lack of UV emission to protect goods or sensitive goods and the high energy savings.

Choosing the right E27 LED bulb:

Powerful E27 LEDs usually have a big heatsink and a larger design. Often these do not fit into existing lamp bodies. We have repeatedly experienced problems with flickering light or high whirring sounds in some cheap LED models in the past. So feel free to use our advisory service, to find the right E27 bulb for you

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