10 pieces G4 LED -3W 200lumen 12 Volt-AC/DC cri>80 3000K or 6000K

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We offer 10 pieces G4 LED fitted with 248 3014 SMD LEDs. Available in warmwhite white and daylightwhite. Low power consumption of 3 Watt creates a luminous flux of 200 lumen

Category: LED G4 lamp

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10 pieces G4 LED - 12 Volt- AC/DC 200 lumen 3 watt

We offer 10 pieces G4 LED fitted with 48 3014 SMD LEDs. Available in warmwhite white and daylightwhite. Low power consumption of 3Watt creates a luminous flux of 200 lumen.In comparison with a standard G4 12V low-voltage halogen light with 10/20 Watts (140/300 lumen)

The compact body allows a smooth replacement in almost all luminaires. A wide beam angle of 360° degrees ensure a smooth light distribution.

Features of G4 LED light

Low power consumption of 3 Watt and a high light output of 200 Lumen
Available with 3000 Kelvin (warmwhite) or 6000 Kelvin (daylightwhite)
Works with 12 Volt AC/DC
socket: G4
Power supply: 12 Volt AC/DC low-voltage
Energy efficiency class: A++
life-time by manufacturer: 30.000 hours
Beam angle: 360°
Dimmable: No
Dimensions: diameter 13mm / length: 27mm /socket length 10mm

areas of application

colour temperature 3000 Kelvin (warmwhite light) in an ambient environment such as in hotels, bars, restaurants, foyers, hotel rooms

colour temperature 6000 Kelvin (daylight white light) used in working environments, where a contrast rich light with many details need to be ensured. Daylightwhite also has positive effects on working results of employees.

TIPs: Flickering G4 LEDs LEDs after replacements? G4 LEDs do not work after retrofit.

This often means that your existing 12V power supply / transformator has a minimum base load, that will not be achieved after the LED retrofit. Imagine you replace 6 x 20 Watts Halogen light with 6 x 3Watt G4 LEDs. The transformator is oversized. On most transformators a range for the compatible load is mentioned on the back (e.g 80-140W). If you are below the minimum load the G4 LEDs are either flickering or do not light up.

For two reasons we often advice to replace the transformator as well with the LED retrofit. LEDs cannot cope with wide voltage fluctuations. This will result in a much lower lifetime or a sudden death of the LEDs. Größere. As classic 12V halogen lights do not care the existing transformators are not optimized for LED compatibility. Modern LED transformers produce a more unifirm voltage supply. In combination the LED transformer and the LEDs will last much longer.

advisory service:

You have questions about our LED retrofit product for professional use? We will help you! Preferably personally ! Please contact us at the phone number : 0049-221-9924573 during normal office hours or mobile You can contact us by e -mail or fax request. We also call you back.

Product category: LED Retrofit bulbs
color temperature: 3000k (Kelvin)
luminous flux: 200 lumen
socket: G4
beam angle: >300° degrees
dimmable: no
power consumpt.: 3 watts
colour rendering (CRI): RA >80
efficiency in lm/W: 66 lm/watt
power factor (cos phi): 0.55
Application: office / retail / service companies
average life cycle: minimum 30.000 hours
energy efficiency class: A++
time to reach full lumination: directly
UV. or infrared emission: No
weight: 29 gramm
Power supply: 12V AC/DC
Operat. temperature: -25°C to 50°C
dimensions: diameter: 13mm / length 27mm / socket 10mm
Additional information:: can only be used inside buildings
Product weight: 0,03 Kg
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