T8 LED tube 90cm 16W 6000k-clear- G13 LED

Item number: YAM-T8 900 16W 6000K klar

These high quality 90cm LED tubes for the professional use can be delivered with 4500K and 6000K color temperature and in a clear or frosted embodiment. The power consumption is below 16watts and the tubes can produce up to 109 Lumen/Watt light output, depending on the version selected. This G13 socket LED tube can replace a 30W conventional fluorescent tube.

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These high quality 90cm LED tubes for the professional use can be delivered with 4500K and 6000K color temperature and in a clear or frosted embodiment. The power consumption is below 16watts and the tubes can produce up to 109 Lumen/Watt light output, depending on the version selected. This G13 socket LED tube can replace a 30W conventional fluorescent tube.

Well suited T8 LEd for professional and industrial use

This T8 LED tube is well suited for the professional use in the industry, workshops, production areas, offices, warehouses and car parks.

LED tube with G13 socket is designed to meet high professional quality demands for long-term stability, low thermal emission and constant luminosity from professional users in offices, industry, offices and retail shops. We only offer LED tubes that can meet these standards.

Additional savings in building-management

Further advantages of LED tubes in the professional sector are savings due to extended maintenance cycles in the Facility Management. LED tubes have much longer maintenance intervals compared with conventional fluorescent tube.

Technical consulting and contact:

You want to replace your existing lighting system in a energy-efficient way? Feel free to get in contact personally. You can contact us through telephone 0049-221-9924573 during our business hours. You can also send us an e-mail through our contact form or get in contact through fax. We will respond personally.

Shipping from Germany:

We ship from Germany throughout Europe.

Larger Amounts:

Larger quantities of G13 LED-tubes at discounted conditions can be supplied. Please get in contact.

Radiation data:

Light data is available and can be provided to be used in light-planning applications.


CE Certificate certified EMC testing, RoHS Certificate, tested according to EN60825-1 (VDE 0837 part 1) radiation safety laser and LED, Type Approved" quality mark from TÜV Rheinland


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Product category: LED-T8 tubes
color temperature: 4500k (Kelvin) 6000 Kelvin
body: clear frosted
luminous flux: 1480 lumen 1517 lumen 1647 lumen
length: 90cm (895mm)
replaces illuminant: 30 watts
socket: G13 -T8 socket
beam angle: 120° degree
socket fitting:
dimmable: no
power consumpt.: 15.6 watts 15.4 watts 15 watts
colour rendering (CRI): cri: 82
efficiency in lm/W: 99 lm/watt 97 lm/watt 107 lm/watt
power factor (cos phi): 0.93
number of switching cycles: > 50.000
Application: professional use
average life cycle: minimum 30.000 hours
Operating hours w. stable lum. flux: min. 20.000 operating hours
energy efficiency class: A
UV. or infrared emission: No
diameter: 26mm
weight: 320 grams
power input: Single sided
IP-Class: IP 30
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz (from 100V up to240V)
Operat. temperature: -20°C to 65°C
Product weight:0,32 Kg

benefits of LED tubes in office and industry

Can you really save electricity costs, buying a 40 Euro LED-tube compared to a 3 Euro fluorescent tube?

Yes! Especially in companies with long operating times of the lamps.It does not matter whether it is a company with 2 -or 500 employees. Efficiency criteria of T8 or T5 LED tubes are the daily operating-time (uptime or opening hours in retail), the much longer life of LED tubes but also the lower maintenance expense.

Power saving LED tube: 50% or more are possible.

The four standard sizes of fluorescent tubes roughly achieve the following savings:

lengthpower consumption LED-tubeconsumption LED-tubesavingsoften used in
60cm18Watt / unit*9 wattsaround 50%louvre luminaires
90cm30 watts/unit*15 wattsaround 50%furniture and cabinets
120cm36 watts/unit*18-19wattsaround 50%office, shop, retail, commercial
150cm58 watts/unit *22-23 wattsaround 60%industry and commercial environment.

*The classic fluorescent lamp is always operated in conjunction with a ballast (SG **, ** ECG, CCG **). This consumes additional power and that can account for up to 15 watts per bulb. In the simple replacement of fluorescent lamp with SG against a LED tube, the ballast will continue to operate. It may be more economical to replace the entire lamp.

A personal and professional calculation is necessary. Also helpful is the demonstration of possible alternatives. Please get in contact...

** CCG = Conventional ballast (choke), SG = low loss ballast, Electronic ballast (ECG)

Picture shows result after replacement of 58W fluorescent tubes against 25W LED bulbs. 50% energy saving and a better, high contrast light quality

Life with 24-hour continuous use: 3-4 years

A normal fluorescent lamp has an average life time of about 10,000-12,000 hours. LED tubes are usually indicated with 50,000 hours or more.This is also true for the individual LEDs installed. Realistically, is an average life between 30,000-40,000 hours.This is due to the built-in electronic components (capacitors / triacs) that are subject to a quicker wear.

With very cheap LED tubes downtimes after 2-3 months can often be observed. Get advise from a competent contact person, before you purchase.

Amortization: Between 1.5-3 years is normal.

In the commercial sector with weekly working hours from 40 hours to 24-hour shift system can be quite short payback periods of 1-3 years to achieve and achieve an attractive return on the investment thereafter.

In many cases, the power savings is higher than the monthly burden of financing the conversion.

image shows replacement of 58W fluorescent tube against 25W LED tubes. Lower power consumption and better light with higher contrasts.

It can be assumed that the price of electricity continues to rise in the future and the calculation thus continued to develop positively. An accurate inventory of existing lighting is important. This is associated with some effort, but it pays to be very working basis.

Individual payback calculation for your LED project.

We create amortization calculations for LED projects for our customers based on their current situation, operating times and electricity prices

Please contact us and judge us according to your individual requirements. You can reach us at 0049-221-9924573 or via our contact form

LED tubes are high-priced: We wait with the purchase!

Without a doubt, rethinking is required! The change of the fluorescent tube as a pure consumables towards greater investment must be explained to the companies. Even with declining LED prices and better products, it is not worth waiting. With the currently high electricity prices, great savings can be achieved, which can eventually pay for itself. An investment in the latest technology allows you to lift a high savings now.

Are the LED tubes amortized and have achieved a significant return, you can you still invest in the next-generation of LEDs.

No delay and switching stability: Fast light without flickering

Compared to the classical fluorescent tube LED Tube will start immediately. Without delay and flicker. Flickering neon lights interfere with the visual perception and have a direct negative impact on the quality of work.Through the direct start, it is also possible to operate the LED tubes directly on a motion detector, because the light is available immediately at full intensity. In addition, LED tubes are insensitive to frequent switching on and off. Even the familiar humming and disturbing noise does not occur with LED tubes.

Without UV light / IR component: Protects goods and goods in the salesroom

LED tubes as a replacement for fluorescent lamps produce no ultraviolet light component. This means that goods, clothing or food do not fade in the retail or age faster. In addition, fewer insects are attracted by LED tubes.

Lower maintenance costs

Through the use of LED tubes also reduce maintenance costs, quite worthy to be in larger companies.The frequent exchange of individual tubes or starters omitted. This includes the robustness of the LED tubes. Compared to the fluorescent housing are better protected against shocks or vibration and not break so easily.Advantages and quality criteria for selecting LED-tubes: Get a competent advice. Cologne Energy LED technolog from Cologne

No toxic substances: No bad conscience

Compared to fluorescent LED tubes are not filled with polluting gases to be expensively disposed over the hazardous waste. LED tubes are simply disposed of as electronic waste.

Performance-based electricity bill: base load reduction, power factor and reactive power

For companies with high power consumption is usually not charged per kilowatt-hour special on a performance-based measure of utility. It is calculated with the retrieved peak load, which is calculated mostly from the mean of the two monthly peaks.

With a consistent transition to LED lower your base load permanently.

In companies with a high percentage of machines, the reactive current issue comes into play. The reactive current is compared to the active current provided by the electricity company but can not be used. But it must be paid for it if the factor cos phi is <0.9.

This will be listed separately on the electricity bill. Good LED bulbs have a power factor> 0.95 and are not covered.Traditional fluorescent tubes with CCG have a power factor of 0.3-0.4 and usually have to be compensated by additional capacitors.Large savings and better light. Save 50% and more electricity costs, replacing fluorescent tubes against LED-Tubes

Especially in large commercial machines the theme parks reactive current is an important issue to massively save on electricity costs. Which LEDs are right for my business and what must be considered when upgrading? Please contact us and judge us according to your individual requirements. You can reach us at 0049-221-9924573 or via our contact form


Wikipedia reactive current

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