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Cologne Energy: Lighting solutions you can trust. Now a member of Lichtsynergie

10.08.2018 13:43

Cologne Energy: Lighting solutions you can trust. Now a member of Lichtsynergie

We are a member of Lichtsysnergie! A network of product and brand-independent suppliers of professional LED lighting.

We are committed to high lighting quality and offer professional LED lighting products that have proven themselves many times over with customers and have proven to be reliable.  Lichtsynergie is a purchasing and sales network with 13 member companies and 38 employees.

We work closely with LED manufacturers in product development and further development. This enables us to influence our customers' wishes and to supply a large number of reliable LED products. Especially for the hard everyday life in daily commercial continuous use of 10 hours and in some cases significantly longer.  

High energy saving and efficiency of our LED products as a goal

We are committed to energy efficiency and energy saving. Our goal is to save 50% of electricity consumption compared to previous lighting solutions.
In any case, the lighting quality should be better than that of existing lighting solutions. Normally we manage to achieve improved lighting quality with high savings and to reconcile both objectives.

Durable and above all reliable products

We also pay attention to the product quality of the luminaires we offer. Everyone may already have noticed that the stated lifetimes of many low-priced LED products are not achieved in practice and quickly break down.

When selecting LED lighting for continuous commercial use, we pay attention to high-quality power supplies, long manufacturer warranties of 5 years and longer as well as LED chip brands and ergonomic aspects such as high colour rendering and flicker-free operation.  

Selection of the right LED products for good lighting quality and healthy, ergonomic work

The selection of LED lighting solutions is usually difficult for laymen. The multitude of criteria that exist for professional LED products is not always easy to understand.

We are happy to offer our support and a free telephone consultation. You can reach us by phone on 0049- 221-29821660 or by e-mail at team(at)

The more we know what you plan to do, the better we can help you choose the right item.

Whether you are looking for an LED high bay spotlight, led damp room light., a LED panel dimmable LED recessed luminaires or LED track lights .

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