Modern 150cm LED tube to convert all ballasts with EVG / VVG / KVG suitable

10.07.2019 22:42

New modern 150cm LED tube to convert all ballasts with EVG / VVG / KVG suitable

Very innovative 150cm T8 LED tube for conversion of all existing ballasts in operation. The Universal T8 Retrofit LED Tube is compatible with all ballasts available on the market. With ALL! Whether electronic ballast EVG, low-loss ballast VVG or KVG. There are no compatibility lists or exclusions. This makes quick and complete retrofitting easy to implement. Even with the LED conversion of electronic ballasts, only the tube is simply replaced.

With a power consumption of 24 watts, the universal tube for electronic ballasts / electronic ballasts and electronic ballasts can easily replace a 58 W conventional fluorescent tube. The price for an ECG compatible LED tube is very reasonable.

5 years manufacturer warranty and money back warranty

The tubes are designed for commercial use. If the 150cm LED tube is not compatible with an ECG, the purchase price will be refunded. In addition, a 5 year manufacturer's warranty is given on the tube. A high reliability is thus guaranteed to you. Without small print or restrictions. It couldn't be simpler.

ENEC certification for high electrical safety and attractive price

The 150cm T8 universal tube for all ballasts has an ENEC certification. This means that the customer buys a tested product with a high electrical safety. The LED tube, which meets high commercial demands has a very attractive price. With an impact resistance of IK04, this tube is also significantly more robust than comparable glass models.

Good brightness and different versions of the T8 LED universal tube available.

The 150cm LED universal tube for all ECG ballasts as well as CCGs and LLCGs generates a bright 3300 lumen luminous flux at 6500 Kelvin light colour. Thus it loosely replaces a 58 Watt classic fluorescent tube. This EVG universal tube is available in the light colours 3000K (warm white) (please ask for delivery time) 4000K neutral white 840 and 6500K daylight white (865) We can offer you this tube with a length of 150m and 120cm. The beam angle is 160°.

Pure Universal LED Retrofit Tube

The model is a pure T8 LED retrofit tube and works with all available T8 mounts with EVG, KVG and VVG ballasts. This is not suitable for a 230V direct connection.

Advantages of the 150cm T8 LED tube for all ballasts

- Easy installation and replacement in luminaires intended for fluorescent tubes and operated with ECGs* KVG* or VVG**. The LED starter is supplied.

- Fits all ballasts guaranteed. Guaranteed and without exclusions or small print. (But no 230V direct connection)

- Very high luminous flux of up to 3300 lumens and good colour rendering of RA>80

- Good energy efficiency values of this LED tube lamp of 130 lumen / watt Power consumption

- Long realistic service life of well over 50,000 hours Robust model with IK04 shock resistance

Light data for the light calculation are available and can be made available.


Do you have questions about our high-quality LED tubes or the delivery time of special variants? As technical energy manager TÜV Süd, efficiency is our business. We will be happy to advise you! Preferably personally! You can reach us under the telephone number: 0221-29821660 during our business hours or also mobile. You can also contact us via e-mail form or fax. We are also happy to call you back.

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