LED retrofit of gym with large round ceiling luminaires and LED panels

Cologne Energy Oliver Rothweiler
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The task of the project in this large gym was to refurbish the lighting of the existing pendant luminaires in an energy-efficient way. The existing pendant luminaires with 2x40W PL-C luminaires and a total consumption of approx. 90 watts per luminaire.

The existing bright wooden ceiling was to continue to reflect light through an indirect light component and partially illuminate the upper gallery. In the case of the high ceilings, the indirect light component ensures a room-filling lighting experience and a feel-good atmosphere.

To achieve a room-filling effect, we have chosen a large round Dali dimmable ceiling light with a diameter of 60cm. The model is available in white or black and has 30% indirect light. The light emission downwards is glare-free and the light colour can be adjusted in three shades: neutral white 4000 Kelvin | warm white 3000 Kelvin or daylight white 6500 Kelvin.

These round ceiling luminaires are available in three different sizes:

And can be viewed as a series on the following page


In the gym, 4000K neutral white is being used. The large round LED pendant luminaire is operated with 40 watts and can easily replace the existing luminaire with 95 watts and still produces considerably more light as well as a wide illumination in the room.

The model was suspended 1.5 metres from the ceiling and generates 4600 lumens of luminous flux.

The upper gallery with the ergometers and cross trainers gets proper light from the round indirect ceiling luminaires. For optimal operation of the training equipment displays, the existing ceiling luminaires with 3x 15W fluorescent tubes were replaced with glare-reduced 62x62cm ceiling luminaires. These are also glare-reduced to avoid reflections on the control panels of the machines.

Despite a relatively dark floor covering, the room is illuminated as bright as day and a significantly improved illumination can be seen.  According to customer feedback, the feedback from the exercising members is very positive throughout.

All in all, a very successful project with great commitment and cooperation on both sides.

The result is something that can be seen.