Surface mounted LED ceiling lights

 Small LED ceiling and...

Small LED ceiling and surface-mounted LED lights are quick and easy to install. They are often used to illuminate general areas such as coffee kitchens, corridors, toilets and efficient lighting in stairwells.

LED ceiling luminaires with IP protection class can also be installed in damp... more...

 large LED ceiling luminaires

We currently offer large LED ceiling luminaires in diameters of...

Round LED ceiling light with interchangeable reflector

New series of large round LED ceiling light available in 4...

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rooms such as bathrooms or under rain-protected canopies. At least one IP protection class of IP44 is required.

The large LED ceiling lights can be mounted directly on the ceiling and produce a lot of light. Here we offer models in the sizes 60x60cm, 120x30cm and 120x60cm. In some cases, even large offices or workplaces are equipped with it directly in order to provide optimum illumination.

In retail stores, LED ceiling luminaires are ideal for general lighting applications. LED ceiling lights CRI90 or LED Deuchten RA>90 are very often used here in order to enable an ideal product presentation of the goods.

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